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Current openings


Moving to BC

Current openings

We always like to hear from strong and motivated students who would like to join our team. Potential applicants MUST exceed all of the admission requirements set by the school and the university.

For all of these positions, strong communication and analytical skills are required. When inquiring, clearly indicate how your background matches the requirements for the position you are applying for.

Graduate student positions

PhD student (must have EE background): Must be a hands-on experimentalist with in-depth understanding of analog circuit design AND semiconductor manufacturing.

    -Must be capable of designing discrete and integrated circuits for sensor interfaces;
    -Must be able to conduct tests and collect and analyse the data;
    -Must be familiar with basics of semiconductor manufacturing;
    -Must be familiar with CMOS foundry processes.

Desired qualifications:
    -Experience with microfabrication process simulation tools;
    -Experiene with opto-electronic devices and interfaces;
    -Prior microfabrication experience is highly desired.    
    -Familiarity with embedded programming and signal processing.

You can contact Dr Bahreyni via email for further information about any of the above. Please follow the guidelines provided below.

General guidelines

Our research is multidisciplinary by nature and we seek to bring in the best candidates from different technical backgrounds. In general, we are looking for individuals with strong background or interest in electronics, solid mechanics, or material science.

A general requirement for the PhD applicants is prior experience with design, fabrication, and characterisation of micro and nano-devices. If interested in joining us, you can directly contact Dr Bahreyni via email. Please use the following format for the subject of your email:

Student: BSc/MSc/PhD/PDF Jan/May/Sep xx MEMS/IC

For example, if you are interested in starting your studies in September of 2020 at the MSc level in MEMS design, the subject line will be: Student: MSc Sep 20 MEMS

You should include a scanned/digital copy of your transcripts, list and samples of your publications (if you have any), and a summary of your relevant experience in your email. Your attachments should be in PDF or plain text formats. Note that you MUST satisfy the admission requirements including the GPA and language requirements (for international students) as set by the University and School.

It will be beneficial if you have already formally applied to the School. Due to the large number of applicants, you will be contacted only if further information is required.


The graduate research can be funded with a combination of fellowships, scholarships, and teaching or research assistantships. You are encouraged to learn about the funding options at SFU including Graduate Fellowships and Entrance Scholarships.
The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has post-graduate fellowships for qualified students (must be citizens or permanent resitents of Canada). Top-up awards are available for students who hold NSERC CGS or PGS awards.

Notice that the deadline to apply for this awards is normally in the October of the year preceding your intended start date. If qualified, please contact Dr Bahreyni for assistance with the application for the NSERC PGS awards.

Due to the typical level or required training, we only provide undergraduate research positions only to students from Canadian universities. You can contact Dr Bahreyni for potential openings and can also apply for an NSERC USRA award.

Moving to BC?

British Columbia is a place filled with natural wonders, mild weather year-round, and diversified culture. Vancouver is consistently ranked among the top most liveable cities in the world. You can find further information about attractions in BC in here.

SFU consistantly ranks as the best comprehensive university in Canada.